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Fresh Fish and Vegetables every day with Aquaponics.


Aquaponics is an exciting way to rear fish in your back garden while maintaining the water fresh and clean; and at the same time providing nutrient for your vegetables, greens, herbs and flowers.

And you can do it all in one compact system.


By combining hydroponics and fish keeping, http://ouraquaponics.com/ resolves the challenges involved in traditional gardening and fish keeping systems. With the use of this method you have the best of a closed system for your fish which produces plant nutrient for the plants which clean the water for the fish.


The roots in the water extract the nutrients produced by the feeding fish thus cleaning and filtering the water before returning it recycled to the holding tank where the fish are. The plants meanwhile thrive amazingly well in this environment and develop much faster than in soil gardening.


This doubling of fish and gardening is attracting adepts all around the world, not only in Brazil where I live. They have found that mounting an aquaponics system for growing healthy organic vegetables as well as having protein provided from their own fish tank is a money saving hobby well worth considering.  You are about to discover this for yourself.

Aquaponics unveiled.


So what is Aquaponics? Aquaculture, the keeping of fish and hydroponics, the growing of plants in water, has come together in Aquaponics.


Raising fish in a controlled environment is Aquaculture. Whereas, growing greens, vegetables, herbs and fruit in a watering environment is Hydroponics, where the roots reach water enriched with nutrients rather than standing in soil.  A combination of the two has given rise to Aquaponics.

Why is there so much interest worldwide in Aquaponics?

Look at these six short answers to that question.

  1. Aquaponics systems can be set up in small spaces.
  2. Grow succulent fruit and vegetables and produce fish, too.
  3. Mounting your own aquaponics system is simple to do.
  4. Mounting and maintaining your own aquaponics system is inexpensive to do.
  5. Expand your Aquaponics system as you go. Start small to master the technique and add on extensions as you need them to increase production.
  6. There are aquaponics adepts in your country and around the world, with an internet connection you can find them instantly, learn, and in turn be useful to others.


Set your own production goals.


The size of your Aquaponics system is a matter of personal choice. Start small to produce 50 kilos of the fish of your choice every six months while having a 100 kilo worth of vegetable harvest. Increase of decrease the system size to meet your needs.

Are you thinking of selling your organic production of fish and vegetables?


Setting a higher harvest goal will require more space and a more potent system of pumping water, but then again they are one time only system requisites.


When the system size of your choice is established and functioning, your only challenge is regular system maintenance so your fish thrive and your plants grow. To achieve the abundant harvest that your aquaponics system affords you requires your daily attention to the cleanliness of the system.  This surely will be a pleasure that brings daily delight.

Bear in mind that Aquaponics has no limits as to age or experience to get started. Enthusiasm to be self-sufficient is enough fuel to get your own aquaponics system up and running. You have enthusiasm so this is what you were looking for.