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Elk Hunting laws

red wall sharp Should You Hire an Elk Hunting Outfitter?

Depending on where you live, elk hunting could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, or something that you do every winter. Where I live, I have the opportunity to elk hunt every fall and winter and I take full advantage of it. However, some people in the southern US don’t get that opportunity, and they have to travel to hunt elk. Traveling for hunting is tricky business as you’ve got to bring all your gear on the plane and make sure that you have everything. Obviously, this can be a huge hassle, so there are outfitters. But the question is, should you use one?

Benefits of Hiring an Outfitter

Peace of Mind. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination for a big trip and realizing that you forgot something crucial. Think about landing in Colorado and getting out to your elk camp in the middle of nowhere and realizing that you don’t have matches for the fire or a pot to cook dinner in which you could have bought at the shop if you were paying attention. What are you going to do? You’re out in the middle of nowhere, and it’s probably late at night.

If you hire an outfitter, they will take care of all of the stuff like this for you, so you don’t need to worry about what you forgot in terms of gear. You’ll need to remember your camo and firearm or bow of course, but you can leave the food and other camp supplies to the outfitter. Just bring your gear and they will take care of the food, dishes and camping gear that you’ll need on your hunt.

They know where the elk are. Many outfitters that I’ve met have been working their land for generations, and know exactly where the elk stay on their property. They know the best places to hike to see them, where they usually bed down during the day and routes they take from their beds to food in the afternoon. A good outfitter will have you go out there and look where they typically find the elk, which will greatly increase your chance of success.

Everyone is well aware that even though elk hunting is tons of fun whenever you do it, a successful elk hunt is one of the most fun things there is. Even though you’re exhausted from pulling elk parts back to camp, it’s a good tired. I always enjoy my huts more when I’m successful.

Outfitters are just there to guide you out to the elk (though they do that) they are there to entertain you as well, and lots of them have some great stories to tell around the fire at night. A lot of them know some musical instrument or something like that, and I’ve always had a lot of fun after a day of hunting with the outfitter. There is always something interesting going on.

Cons of Hiring an Outfitter

These guys are typically expensive! I have seen prices well over 5,000 for a 5 day hunt, and that doesn’t even include getting up to their ranch. In addition to all those fees, you’re also not guaranteed to come home with an elk if you go with an outfitter. You have to rely on luck and skill just like every other hunter. Last season, I went out hunting on weekends for about 15 total days in a season. A comparable time with an outfitter would almost be cost prohibitive!

Processing. Some outfitters will ship your meat off to a processor, where it may or may not be mixed with meat from someone else’s animal. You have no idea how they took care of that in the field. You could end up with meat of a lower quality than if you had it processed yourself or if you did the processing yourself entirely.


That wilderness feeling isn’t there. You know the feeling when you’re out on your own in the wilderness and everything around you feels great and is calming? Well if you’re with an outfitter, you’ve got someone with you at all times, and you can’t stop, look and listen and really take in all of your surroundings.

So, there are some good and bad things about outfitters. What is your preference?

Fresh Fish and Vegetables every day with Aquaponics.


Aquaponics is an exciting way to rear fish in your back garden while maintaining the water fresh and clean; and at the same time providing nutrient for your vegetables, greens, herbs and flowers.

And you can do it all in one compact system.


By combining hydroponics and fish keeping, http://ouraquaponics.com/ resolves the challenges involved in traditional gardening and fish keeping systems. With the use of this method you have the best of a closed system for your fish which produces plant nutrient for the plants which clean the water for the fish.


The roots in the water extract the nutrients produced by the feeding fish thus cleaning and filtering the water before returning it recycled to the holding tank where the fish are. The plants meanwhile thrive amazingly well in this environment and develop much faster than in soil gardening.


This doubling of fish and gardening is attracting adepts all around the world, not only in Brazil where I live. They have found that mounting an aquaponics system for growing healthy organic vegetables as well as having protein provided from their own fish tank is a money saving hobby well worth considering.  You are about to discover this for yourself.

Aquaponics unveiled.


So what is Aquaponics? Aquaculture, the keeping of fish and hydroponics, the growing of plants in water, has come together in Aquaponics.


Raising fish in a controlled environment is Aquaculture. Whereas, growing greens, vegetables, herbs and fruit in a watering environment is Hydroponics, where the roots reach water enriched with nutrients rather than standing in soil.  A combination of the two has given rise to Aquaponics.

Why is there so much interest worldwide in Aquaponics?

Look at these six short answers to that question.

  1. Aquaponics systems can be set up in small spaces.
  2. Grow succulent fruit and vegetables and produce fish, too.
  3. Mounting your own aquaponics system is simple to do.
  4. Mounting and maintaining your own aquaponics system is inexpensive to do.
  5. Expand your Aquaponics system as you go. Start small to master the technique and add on extensions as you need them to increase production.
  6. There are aquaponics adepts in your country and around the world, with an internet connection you can find them instantly, learn, and in turn be useful to others.


Set your own production goals.


The size of your Aquaponics system is a matter of personal choice. Start small to produce 50 kilos of the fish of your choice every six months while having a 100 kilo worth of vegetable harvest. Increase of decrease the system size to meet your needs.

Are you thinking of selling your organic production of fish and vegetables?


Setting a higher harvest goal will require more space and a more potent system of pumping water, but then again they are one time only system requisites.


When the system size of your choice is established and functioning, your only challenge is regular system maintenance so your fish thrive and your plants grow. To achieve the abundant harvest that your aquaponics system affords you requires your daily attention to the cleanliness of the system.  This surely will be a pleasure that brings daily delight.

Bear in mind that Aquaponics has no limits as to age or experience to get started. Enthusiasm to be self-sufficient is enough fuel to get your own aquaponics system up and running. You have enthusiasm so this is what you were looking for.

Taking care of a Hamster

Making sure you take the best care of your hamster

Hamsters are relatively easy to take care of, and they stay quite small. Like most other pets, hamsters have basic needs. They need food, water, exercise, and attention. When you are looking at the many different kinds of hamster cages for sale, you need to consider all these necessities, and more.


Food and Water


Many of the hamster cages for sale are separated into different compartments. The main quarters will be the largest. Most hamster owners will set up food bowls and water bottles in this area. Other people will choose a smaller compartment for food and water.

Your choice should be based on which hamster cages for sale are the easiest layouts for you to access. Your hamster can’t feed and water himself.



It is important to provide your hamster with toys that promote activity. Although he may be locked in a cage, exercise is important in keeping your hamster healthy. Most varieties of hamster cages for sale have expandable ports where you can add tunnels and activity accessories. Other has enough room to allow you to add an exercise wheel.


Types of Hamster Cages

There are several different types of hamster cages for sale. Your basic hamster cage which can be found at http://hamsterfacts.org/ is simple in design. These types are usually made from wire. They will have either a wire bottom with a pull out tray for cleaning, or they will have an insert that sits on top of the wiring.

Another type of hamster cage is made from durable plastic and will have tons of air holes. They typically have a hinged top for cleaning and adding food. These hamster cages are ideal when you want to add tunnels and little compartments. Sometimes hamsters prefer to have separate rooms for various activities.

Another type of hamster cage is the half and half cage. The bottom half of the cage is plastic, which protects your hamster’s little feet and toes. The top half of the cage is made from coated wiring and clips to the bottom half. These cages are fairly roomy, so you can add an exercise wheel for your furry friend.

When you are trying to choose from the many hamster cages for sale, you need to think about which one will be the best for your hamster. You also need to think about what is going to be the easiest for you.

Your hamster cage is going to need frequent cleaning. You are also going to need easy access to interact with your hamster. Chinese dwarf hamsters can be very social creatures, despite their natural instincts to run and hide, provided that they are cared for properly.

Many new hamster owners choose the half and half type of hamster cage until they can establish a relationship and learn about their hamster’s personality. They can then graduate to an activity type cage.

Your main concern, above all else, should be your hamster’s safety and comfort. The hamster cage should not have any escape points, if his head can fit through any gaps, he can escape. If the cage is too cramped he will be miserable.

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