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May 19, 2017

Taking care of a Hamster

Making sure you take the best care of your hamster

Hamsters are relatively easy to take care of, and they stay quite small. Like most other pets, hamsters have basic needs. They need food, water, exercise, and attention. When you are looking at the many different kinds of hamster cages for sale, you need to consider all these necessities, and more.


Food and Water


Many of the hamster cages for sale are separated into different compartments. The main quarters will be the largest. Most hamster owners will set up food bowls and water bottles in this area. Other people will choose a smaller compartment for food and water.

Your choice should be based on which hamster cages for sale are the easiest layouts for you to access. Your hamster can’t feed and water himself.



It is important to provide your hamster with toys that promote activity. Although he may be locked in a cage, exercise is important in keeping your hamster healthy. Most varieties of hamster cages for sale have expandable ports where you can add tunnels and activity accessories. Other has enough room to allow you to add an exercise wheel.


Types of Hamster Cages

There are several different types of hamster cages for sale. Your basic hamster cage which can be found at http://hamsterfacts.org/ is simple in design. These types are usually made from wire. They will have either a wire bottom with a pull out tray for cleaning, or they will have an insert that sits on top of the wiring.

Another type of hamster cage is made from durable plastic and will have tons of air holes. They typically have a hinged top for cleaning and adding food. These hamster cages are ideal when you want to add tunnels and little compartments. Sometimes hamsters prefer to have separate rooms for various activities.

Another type of hamster cage is the half and half cage. The bottom half of the cage is plastic, which protects your hamster’s little feet and toes. The top half of the cage is made from coated wiring and clips to the bottom half. These cages are fairly roomy, so you can add an exercise wheel for your furry friend.

When you are trying to choose from the many hamster cages for sale, you need to think about which one will be the best for your hamster. You also need to think about what is going to be the easiest for you.

Your hamster cage is going to need frequent cleaning. You are also going to need easy access to interact with your hamster. Chinese dwarf hamsters can be very social creatures, despite their natural instincts to run and hide, provided that they are cared for properly.

Many new hamster owners choose the half and half type of hamster cage until they can establish a relationship and learn about their hamster’s personality. They can then graduate to an activity type cage.

Your main concern, above all else, should be your hamster’s safety and comfort. The hamster cage should not have any escape points, if his head can fit through any gaps, he can escape. If the cage is too cramped he will be miserable.